Pete TongにTale Of Us、SolomunにJoseph Capriati…。今挙げたビッグネームたちが、揃ってドイツのハンブルク出身のデュオAdana Twinsへの称賛を口にする。テクノの国で生まれ育った彼らは、世界的なアンダーグラウンドシーンにおいて確固たる地位を築いた。現在ではWatergate Recordsを中心に様々なレーベルからリリースを重ね、「Uncompromising」(2017年)や「Jupiter」(2018年)のようなヒットを継続的に飛ばしている。また、昨年は自ら主宰するレーベル<TAU>も立ち上げ、活躍の場をさらに広げた。彼らを
待望するオーガナイザーは多く、今日も各所からラブコールが絶えない。フランクフルトのRobert JohnsonにロンドンのCorsica Studios、モントリオールのStereo Barなど、名だたるクラブのパーティーで引っ張りだこだ。やはりと言うべきか、今年も忙しい週末は続くようで、現在までにドイツの「Melt Festival」、オランダの「Loveland」への出演が決まっている。彼らがなぜこれほど支持を集めているのか、その答えは簡単だ。彼らがブースで紡ぐミックスさえ聴けば良い。メロディアスで美しい旋律だけでなく、彼らのサウンドスケープは時に刃のように鋭利である。ぜひその唯一無二の音世界を、あなたの五感で体験して欲しい。

namic posse, all of whom collectively pushed Hamburg’s dance scene to new heights while garnering attention beyond the city’s own clubbing community.
Perfectly poised to seize the opportunity, Adana Twins delivered their first hits, “Everyday” and “Strange”, on Exploited in 2012, to a global scene that was ready to look in Hamburg’s direction. The tracks would go international, being played by the likes of A-Trak, Pete Tong, Soul Clap, and Wolf+Lamb to name just a few, and would lead to remix requests for labels such as Get Physical, Noir Records and Kitsune.
The wider attention also sent Adana Twins off on a whirlwind year of touring, manning the decks at renowned venues such as Ushuaia (Ibiza), Cielo (New York), Watergate (Berlin), Warung Beach Club (Brazil) and The Warehouse Project in Manchester, where their hit records caused the crowd to sit-down in respect. They also got their first taste of festival success, offering their sound to an exceptionally appreciative crowd at Loveland and MELT Festival.
Despite the constant globe hopping, the duo took the time to double down on their hometown, launching their bi-monthly “Adana Night” party at Hamburg’s EGO club, where they invite their local crew to come party with the many new musical friends they’ve made on the road.
This expanding scene, which includes many colleagues from the pair’s former careers in design and advertising, forms the nexus of music, art and graphics community that is sure to see Adana’s next step— whether an album, a live show, or something equally exciting—rival that of the Ed Banger heroes who inspired Take It Easy and Friso in the first place.