Banana Lemon

Banana Lemon


Nadia、Saarah、R!NO、Mizuki の4名で構成されるダンス・ボーカルグループ。2016 年その存在が明らかになるも、WEBメデイアでキービジュアルが公開されるにとどまり、謎に包まれていた。

同年12月、全世界で1億人以上のユーザーを誇る音楽配信サービス Spotifyが選ぶ2017年に飛躍が予想される新人アーティスト「Early Noise Japan 2017」に選出されたのと同時に、「#SorryNotSorry」で初の楽曲配信をスタート。Spotify JapanのバイラルチャートにてTop10入りした。

NADIA・SAARAHの圧倒的な歌唱力に加え、R!NO、MIZUKIの切れ味の鋭いダンスは各地イベント、フェスで初めて見る人へ理屈なしに存在感を与え、2017年の夏はSUMMER SONIC、MUSIC CIRCUSなど大型フェスへの出演、12 月にはASIA FASHION AWARD in Taipeiにも出演し海外ライブデビューも果たした。
今年は自身の新曲『GIRLS GONE WILD』を引っさげての各地クラブサーキットも絶賛開催中。

テレビ東京「流派 R」にも長尺での出演、2月に開催されるR-Festaへの出演もアナウンスされ、3月にはTOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIONにも出演が決定し、世間から今もっとも『ライブを見たいグループ』としてSNSを賑わしている。

BananaLemon, made up of four talented in dancing and singing members, Nadia, Saarah, Mizuki and R!NO, has become well known as one of the powerful and sexy girl vocal-dance group.

At the beginning of their carrier, their talent were only seen on Web media and shrouded in mystery. Starting with releasing the first original song “#SorryNotSorry” on J-WAVE, they actively energetically do live performances, participate music festivals, and promote the group. Those led them to entering the spotlight.

In December 2016, BananaLemon was selected as an up-and-coming artist expected to make great strides for Early Noise Japan 2017 hosted by Spotify which is the music distribution service with more than 100 million active users worldwide. As soon as #SorryNotSorry was distributed to Spotify, it entered the Top 10 of the Spotify Japan’ s Viral Chart. Last year, 2017, the group performed at big events such as Summer Sonic, Vogue Fashion Night Out, and Asia Fashion Award 2017 in Taipei.

Whenever new songs are released, they make those high up in the charts. Their distinctive and tasty music style, which is mixture of 90s visual feel and current mainstream trends, continues to increase their fans.
This group is not yet debut but already getting a lot more attention abroad as well as in Japan. BananaLemon has gained momentum. You should definitely check out this group!