CYLON is the Psychedelic Trance project of Takeo Namiki based on Japan.
His experience as a main guitar player from Heavy Metal/Hard Core/Funk/Loud Rock give him insights on his productions. One day, he realized “I need to seek a musical platform which is a common style for all the humanity on our mother earth”. And then, he finally met and fell in love with this kind of dance music called psychedelic trance! It also seemed like there needed to be some more groovy sounds like funk music put into this kind of psychedelic music. So, he made a decision that “I’ll be with this scene till I die”.
The humanoid CYLON was born in 2011 for spreading out his DNA around the world.
He produces cutting-edge Progressive Dance tracks which combines the sound from Analog to Digital and Real Band music to the electronical cyber sound which will take you to the next level of the journey.
He has played on the main stage of mammoth festivals like Boom, Origin, Rezonance & Ozora, and always wants the audience to understand who they are, realize the energy they are emitting, and to find the balance to live harmoniously with other beautiful souls around them.
“Psychedelic, Dance, Groovy, Fractal and Life”. These five words describe the CYLON sound.

Takeo Namikiのサイケデリック・トランスプロジェクトCYLON。
2011年にGrasshopper Recordsとサインして以来、Boom Festival、Ozora Festival、Origin FestivalやShankra Festival等 の海外ビッグフェスティバルを始めとした世界各国のパーティーへの出演を重ねながらワールド・ツアーを敢行。国内で はSunshine FestivalやageHaにおける大規模イベントでのプレイで幾度もクラウド達を熱狂させた事は記憶に新しい。 バックボーンとしてのHeavy Metal/Hard Core/Funk/Loud Rock/Rock等バンドでのギタリストとしての活躍を基に、豊富 な経験から形成される音楽的知識を生かしたミュージシャン的視点のサウンドプロダクションは、Analog vs Digital / 生 楽器 vs Computer等の議論を過去のものと一蹴するProgressiveなDance tracksを生み出す。任天堂Switchのゲームソフ トHexagrooveへの音楽ループ素材提供や、スマホゲームSEVEN’s CODEへの楽曲提供とCYLON名義での活動がダンス ミュージック・シーン以外へも広がりを見せている。
2020年に入りUKのFree-Spirit Recordsより“Another Life”、ドイツのIONO MUSICより”Living with Yourself”と、 リリースした二つのEPも滑り出し好調で今後の空前絶後な展開に期待を寄せずにはいられない。

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