Do Shock Booze

Do Shock Booze

Yoichi Hayashi’s music project “Do Shock Booze”.

Born in Kumamoto, Japan, He started his career as a front man for rock and electro bands in the late 90’s. Since 2004, he has been expanding his activities as a composer, DJ and live act.

Since 2004, he has been active as a composer, DJ, and live performer. In 2018, he launched the label party series “MEiYOU” and has been producing music for fashion shows for major brands. In 2018, he launched the label party series “MEiYOU” and joined the organizing of “Global Ark”, one of the most famous outdoor festivals in Japan.

Doushokubutsu’s pleasure lies in freely presenting deep techno and trance music that crosses the essence of ethnic music with the versatility of acid sound.

Doushokubutsu is currently contributing to the revitalization of the scene around Tokyo, and continues to pursue his own quality and reality as a DJ, composer, and artist.


Yoichi Hayashiの変名音楽プロジェクト『Do Shock Booze (ドウショクブツ)』。

熊本県出身。90年代後半からロックやエレクトロ・バンドのフロントマンとして表現をスタート。2004年より作曲とDJ&LIVE ACTとして活動の幅を広げていく。自身が立ち上げたレーベル、TOTEM TRAXXからのリリースを軸に、国内外のレーベルから作品の発表を重ねる。数々の野外フェスティバルやラジオ番組、Mixmagなどの音楽メディアへの出演、DJ MIXやリミックスの提供、ポッドキャスト「TOTEMIX」の運営、大手ブランドのファッションショーの音楽制作などでも評価を高める。2018年、レーベルパーティーシリーズ「MEiYOU」を始動、国内有数の野外フェスティバル「Global Ark」のオーガナイズに加わる。