Jeremy Yamamura

Jeremy Yamamura<br>feat.SPACY

Born in the middle of a vineyard in France, Jeremy Yamamura quickly moved to London to follow his love for music.
Life though had other plans, and he wound up in a small wine bar in Tokyo’s Sangenjaya.
He started as a DJ next door at the legendary Tengu Shokudo, soon playing all around Tokyo (Club Asia, DOM, Neo-Lounge, Amateraxi, Arena, Bonobo, Commune, Oiran, Solfa, Warp, Umechan, Hells bar and more…)
An eclectic yet heartbeat-raising DJ, he weaves the tracks together as if they were always meant for each other.
Each new party means a new set, like a movie capturing you from intro to inescapable climax, before releasing you to an unexpectedly soft and happy end.
His latest love for Afro-beats has led to the unique collaboration YAMACY with driving live percussion.