すでに中国でショーをプレイし、モール・グラブ、ブラック・マドンナなどで多数のハウス・ヘビー級の支援を受け、彼の最初のEPはニューヨークのレーベルHOMAGEで発表された。彼の3トラックEPがMixmagとDJ Magの耳をつかみ、すべての物理的なコピーが売り切れになったことは言うまでもない。

「バックリンブリッジ」の成功をきっかけに、世界は注目を集め始めた。彼の名前は、イベントのポスターから雑誌、そして今度はRinseフランスまで至る所に現れ始めた。Life Festival でのセットなど、さまざまなフェスティバルですでに観客を驚かせた彼のターンは、この秋にBE-AT TVに出演し、Boxed OffのメインステージではPatrick ToppingとArmand Van Heldenと共演した。故郷であるグラスゴー、アバディーン、エディンバラ、マンチェスターで売り切れたショーとビッグ・ミズ、エリオット・アダムソンのスロットを併せ持った彼は、順調にそして本当到着したと言ってよいだろう。ステープルハウスラベル、「Shall Not Fade」からのリリースも期待されている。


We’re all well aware at this stage of the quick rise to prominence that has bestowed Galway native KETTAMA
He rose through the tricky ranks of the Irish electronic music scene through multiple residencies on the West and East coasts, all while his music’s online presence quickly caught fire across a range of different music groups online. What has happened since has been nothing short of breath-taking; his blend of hefty kicks with catchy riffs and stabs has given the house world a new ‘one to watch’ and he has certainly given everyone a good show to look at thus far.
Having already played shows in China and received the backing of a number of house heavyweights in Mall Grab, The Black Madonna and many more, his first EP was announced on New York City based label HOMAGE, which led to a headline show in the mecca of hip hop and an appearance on the storied Lot Radio, not to mention the fact that his three track EP had caught the ears of Mixmag and DJ Mag, leading to a sell-out of all physical copies.
With the success of ‘Bucklyn Bridge’ duly noted, the world began to take notice and the Galwegian’s name began cropping up everywhere from event posters to magazines and more radio time, this time with Rinse France. Having already wowed crowds at festivals all around (including a jaw dropping set at Life Festival), his turn came on BE-AT TV this Autumn, where he joined Patrick Topping and Armand Van Helden on Boxed Off’s mainstage. Couple that with sold out shows in his hometown, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester alongside slots with Big Miz and Elliot Adamson, it’s fair to say KETTAMA has well and truly arrived, with a highly anticipated release on the way in the new year on staple house label SHALL NOT FADE.