He is a dj, the member of DJ crew in Korea called, DEAD END and DIPCOIN.

His play mainly focuses in Groove Genre, from Deep House to an African American base.

In recent years, he has been invited as a guest DJ at disco punk crew ‘Golden Monkey’s parties, and drum and base focused dubstep crew ‘Bass Attack’s parties, and etc.. Interacted and shown his own style of plays based on different genres.

In 2014-2015, He has played for all sorts of parties like as VOGUE NIGHT OUT, NEW ERA FLAGSHIP OPEN PARTY, ADIDAS, STUSSY,MONCLER, SWAITC , GOLF WANG and etc,. And he was recognized as a number one celebrities’ Dee-jay. Whereas, he was able to participate in music videos and expanded his recognition in short amount of time.

And he is selected for private events, and he is also planning for other venues.