WOMBのWeekday Party “RIOT”に参加し、NEHANと共にDJユニット「BLiNKBLiTZ」を結成。
2008年、SADAA・The SAMOSのメンバーDJ RAYMONDと共に「The Barcelona」を結成。2009年2月に発売された「GRADIUS」のhouse ReMixコンピレーションアルバムに楽曲を提供。
更に、同年2009年にはFUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ‘09へ出演を果たす。

その後、日本を代表するテクノパーティー“CLASH @ ageHa”へのレギュラー出演や、ドメスティックパーティー“SURVIVAL DANCE @ WOMB”など活躍の場は拡がり、2010年には国内レーベルNo:More RecからSATOSHI OTSUKI, KIKIORIXと共に「SURVIVAL DANCE EP」をリリース。
そして、2011年にはWOMB ADVENTUREのメインステージに出演する。

2013年、新たに“Just Realize.”を立ち上げ、Anthea, Nima Gorji, Faster, Djebali, Nu Zauを招聘。

Every night he had frequented clubs, in 2005, suddenly he changed his position to a DJ and started his career. He belonged to a weekday party at WOMB “RIOT”. And there, he performed as “BLiNKBLiTZ” with a sworn friend, NEHAN. In 2008, also formed “The Barcelona” together with SADAA and DJ Raymond(from The SAMOS), and their track was compiled in the album “GRADIUS-house ReMix” in Feb 2009. Moreover, in the same year, he made his perfomance in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’09.

Then he widened his sphere of activity, like regularly performed on a representative techno party “[email protected]”, a domestic party “SURVIVAL [email protected]” and so on. In 2010, he released “SURVIVAL DANCE EP” from Japanese label No:More Rec with SATOSHI OTSUKI and KIKIORIX. And they also appeared on WOMB ADVENTURE ’11.

Since 2013, he has held “Just Realize.” and called Anthea, Nima Gorji, Faster, Djebali and Nu Zau to Japan. Lately he has been bent on composing his tracks, one of them is already fixed to release from worldwide label this year.