DJ YAMATOのオーガナイズする【 LIBERO 】は、世界各国で体験した野外Partyの VIBESを東京の中心に落とし込み、強力な音源をスタイリッシュな空間で演出するパーテ ィー【 Stained glass 】、夏のシーサイドパーティー【 GOONIES 】を開催してきた。 現在、都内のCLUBでのオーガナイズはageHaの【 OPEN AIR 】、SOUND MUSEUM VISIONの【 INSIDE THE UNIVERSE 】、RUBY ROOMの【 AFTER PARTY 】を持 ち、WOMB、Contact、Christn Cafe等の主要CLUBで活動をし、Dance on the planet、Solstice、Mother、OZORA one day in Tokyo、IBOGA20 in Tokyo、PSY- FI warming Tokyo、Green Magic等でフロアを沸かせて来た実績を、現在進行形で行っ ている。
海外では、インドのGOAやブラジルのUniverso Paralello Festival、フランスのHADRA Trance Festivalで多くのオーディエンスから絶賛された。 2020年PsyTranceレーベルのTesseracTstudioに加入。
そのPlayスタイルはPsy Progressive-Tranceを軸に Psychedelic,Tribal,Techno,Electro,Deep,House,Minimal,等の要素を持つ曲をグル ービーにクロスオーバーさせ、ダークから光輝く音、Deepな音からFullPowerな音をクラ
ウドに合わせて変幻自在に紡ぐ。 今迄プレイして来た、海外リゾート、野外フェス、ラウンジ、大型クラブのバイブスでダ ンスフロアーを沸かせるだろう!!

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Dj YAMATO drops the vibes of the music parties he ever experienced around the world into the center of Tokyo. holding the party called ‘LIBERO’ and also holding【Stained glass】produces the stylish space with perfect music. and also organized his own
open air summer seaside event called【Goonies】.
Currently, he organizes CLUB in Tokyo with ageHa’s [OPEN AIR], SOUND
He is based in Tokyo and plays at the major clubs such as WOMB,Contact and Christn Cafe etc, coupled with his experience for playing at Mother, Ozora one day in Tokyo, IBOGA20, PSY-FI warming up Tokyo,Dance on the planet,

Solstice, Green Magic etc.
He has also received great feedback for his DJ appearances outside Japan such as Goa in India and Brazil ‘s Universo Paralello Festival as well as France’s largest Trance Festival called Hadra where he moved a lot of the audience with his music.
He joined the Psy Trance label TesseracTstudio in 2020.
His DJ style is mainly Psy Progressive-Trance mixed with the elements of Psychedelic,tribal, techno, electro, deep, house, and minimal. The range of his music goes from dark to light, from deep to high power – his music turns into various expressions.
He will rock the dance floor with the vibes of the overseas parties, lounges, music festivals and big clubs that he ever played for!